Advisor Summits for 2019/2020

CEFA will be hosting two Advisor Summits this next year. The first event will take place in Chicago, IL; with the second Summit tentatively slated for south Florida. These events offer financial advisors the chance to gain insight from closed-end fund industry experts and portfolio managers, exchange ideas, and obtain the latest information on issues, trends and topics related to CEFs. Click here to view more information on the September Summit in Chicago.

2019 Podcast Schedule

Discover what’s next on the CEFA content calendar. From podcasts to webinars, we offer a range of opportunities for collaboration. There are 24 dates in 2019 — be sure to get on the calendar and take advantage of this insightful member benefit.

CEFA Broadening Secondary Marketing Program

CEFA’s national Secondary Marketing Program is designed to directly engage advisors and clients with a continuous stream of content and support. Click to learn more about how your firm can benefit from the program.

Digital and Web Support to FA’s

The findings on a newly released report shows that virtually all advisors rely on web and digital capabilities from product providers and distributors, although many focus mainly on select providers.