These Closed-End equity funds founded in 1929 are still going strong

Even as the largest actively managed stock mutual funds in the U.S. lag behind the S&P 500, the oldest funds are doing nicely. Funds that survived the 1929 stock market crash, including Central Securities (ticker: CET), Adams Diversified Equity (ADX), and General American Investors (GAM). These closed-end funds might not be bargains, but they’re all up 30%-plus this year.

Closed-End Activist Tries New Tactic: Use a Fund Director

When activist investors in the rough-and-tumble world of closed-end funds put forward a slate of board nominees, they usually select employees or others already allied with them. But in a proxy battle at a Nuveen fund, the hedge fund Saba Capital has landed a rare catch as one of its nominees: an independent fund director currently serving at an open-end complex.

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