Benefits of a CEFA Membership

Why be a CEFA member?

CEFA brings together the shared interests of asset managers, broker/dealers, and industry organizations that support CEFs. The CEFA membership provides you the opportunity to:

1. Gain additional brand recognition and exposure to stimulate demand for your products
2. Access advisors through a number of events and partnerships
3. Leverage the combined marketing and awareness efforts of all CEFA members
4. Join together with other industry and legal experts for CEF issue advocacy
5. Support shareholders with timely and relevant information
6. Participate in member meetings that foster industry collaboration
7. Benefit from CEFA’s industry and media relationship

“CEFA’s Marketing Program is an important part of Eaton Vance’s secondary marketing efforts, offering results-driven, cost-effective solutions to reach advisors.”

Jonathan Isaac, Vice President, Director of Product Management – Eaton Vance
National Secondary Marketing Program

Education. Awareness. Brand exposure. Secondary market support.

CEFA’s comprehensive Marketing Program helps increase the exposure and understanding of closed-end funds. The program is designed to directly engage advisors and clients with a continuous stream of content and support. The Marketing Program provides an important platform for members of the CEF industry to raise awareness and understanding of closed-end funds and their unique roles in client portfolios. As a complement to your individual fund and sponsor initiatives, the program is intended to strengthen relationships with advisors, home offices, research analysts and the financial media. These relationships can be critical to increasing secondary market support. Ultimately, the end investor will benefit from the additional closed-end fund support brought to market through the program.

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Advisor Relations

CEFA strives to educate and inform advisors about the benefits of investing in closed-end funds. The Association maintains relationships and a database of advisors, and sends communications on a regular basis.

Industry Representation and Issue Advocacy

CEFA takes on important issues that affect the industry and has been instrumental in helping improve the image and operating environment for closed-end funds. CEFA developed a Closed-End Fund Data Survey in an effort to improve the accuracy, consistency and timeliness in reporting on closed-end funds and has lent its voice to numerous issues on behalf of the industry.

PR & Financial Media Representation

CEFA acknowledges there is an opportunity for the CEF industry to have a stronger voice with the media. In focusing on public relations as a part of its Marketing Program, CEFA serves as a resource, builds relationships and engages the media to generate positive awareness for the CEF industry.

Through proactive outreach to more than 40 publications, CEFA represents a collective voice for the industry and communicates with the media on a regular basis to promote storylines, data and trends, and member firms. In addition, CEFA established a PR advisory board consisting of five member firms’ PR contacts who discuss and provide feedback on CEFA-developed media strategies and tactics.

CEFA’s public relations efforts help members:
• Maintain proactive communications with media regarding CEFs
• Engage industry contacts, pitch storylines and coordinate interviews
• Provide a clear and consistent industry voice and tone

For additional information or interest in participating in CEFA’s media efforts, contact Brian Smith.

Industry Reports

Monthly Activist Report and Corporate Actions Report
Through a special arrangement with AST Fund Solutions, CEFA delivers monthly reports detailing actions taken by activist organizations, as well as those filings made by closed-end management firms. Together, these reports keep CEFA member firms up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry.

Lipper Fund Market Insight Report
Lipper, Inc. provides CEFA with a month-end analysis of the closed-end fund industry. This vital report provides observations on the performance of the overall industry, average NAV return, number and size of the month’s IPOs and premium and discount behavior, as well as industry news pertaining to rights, repurchases, tender offers, mergers and reorganizations.