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The Closed-End Fund Investor website is nationally recognized for information on closed-end fund performance and the latest CEF research and education and is the largest independent website covering all closed-end funds. CEFA operates the foremost independent website for closed-end fund, where investors can research, track and monitor funds. With 31,500 visitors per month and 380,000 users yearly, the website is a vital resource for investors interested in closed-end funds. CEFA will work with members to make available important information about their company and products on the site, with direct links to their firm’s website. Some benefits are:

• Easy-to-access fund performance figures including daily NAVs, premium/discount, market returns, distributions, year-to-date performance and more
• Up-to-Date “Scorecard” Highlights of Premium/Discount Average
• Listing of Initial Public Offerings for closed-end funds, updated monthly
• Portfolio Tracker to monitor performance of closed-end funds on a daily or year-to-date basis
• Featured company profile page with links to fund listings and company’s website
• Submit editorial commentary, research and materials
• CEFA original content; articles, podcasts, webinars and videos
• Post press releases, annual reports and performance results
• Participation in the Website Advertising Program
• Events Information
• Member Resources
• Association Information
• Advisor search to locate financial professionals specializing in closed-end funds

Member Website —

This site serves as your source to learn about all the Association activities, as well as receive news and updates from throughout the industry. Members & Associates have exclusive benefits with the use of this site.