CEFA Meetings & Events

IMG_2363The Advisor Summit Conferences
The Advisor Summit is designed to promote and communicate the dynamics and opportunities in closed-end funds.  These unique conferences bring together key CEF industry experts and advisors to share insight, strategies, and portfolio management.

These exclusive events provide opportunities for you to build relationships with advisors, network with CEF industry leaders and generate brand awareness for your firm.

As a CEFA member, you can participate in the Advisor Summits at various levels, including attending an event and displaying your firm’s collateral at no cost. You can maximize your firm’s visibility by participating as a sponsor.

Upcoming Events
05.04.2017 – Houston, TX
09.20.2017 – Chicago, IL

Don’t miss out on these opportunities to get in front of large groups of advisors and provide thought leadership as one of the leaders in the CEF industry.  For questions and additional information, please contact us at cefa@cefa.com.

Past Events
02.07.2017 -Advisor Summit – Beverly Hills, CA

11.16.2016 – Advisor Summit –
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
09.14.2016 – Advisor Summit – New York, NY
05.11.2016 – Advisor Summit – Washington, D.C.
02.23.2016 – Advisor Summit – Scottsdale, AZ

09.17.2015 – Member Meeting – Chicago, IL
09.17.2015 – Advisor Summit – Chicago, IL
05.19.2015 – Advisor Summit – Houston, TX
02.03.2015 – Advisor Summit – Miami, FL

09.24.2014 – Advisor Summit – 
Morristown, NJ
06.09.2014 – Advisor Summit – 
Boston, MA
03.06.2014 – Advisor Summit – 
Beverly Hills, CA

10.06.2013 – Advisor Summit – Boca Raton, FL
05.22.2013 – Advisor Summit – New York, NY
05.22.2013 –
CEFA Membership Meeting