Marketing Program

Education. Awareness. Brand exposure. Secondary market support.

CEFA’s national Secondary Marketing Program helps increase the exposure and understanding of closed-end funds. The program is designed to directly engage advisors and clients with a continuous stream of content and support. The Marketing Program provides an important platform for members of the CEF industry to raise awareness and understanding of closed-end funds and their unique roles in client portfolios. As a complement to your individual fund and sponsor initiatives, the program is intended to strengthen relationships with advisors, home offices, research analysts and the financial media. These relationships can be critical to increasing secondary market support and laying groundwork for more robust IPO activity. Ultimately, the end investor will benefit from the additional closed-end fund support brought to market through the program.

As a CEFA member, there is no additional charge for most of the program components. We have also made the cost structure for the Advisor Summit conferences more affordable, to make it easier for all members to participate. We look forward to partnering with you on this marketing initiative. For questions and additional information, please contact us at 816.413.8900 or Find out more about our marketing program offerings:






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