Premium Content

Promotion of Member, Third-Party, and CEFA Content

Providing and aggregating relevant, fresh and useful content is a key component of the Marketing Program. The focus of the content strategy is to streamline the process for advisors, gatekeepers, investors and the financial media to provide them with one resource to go to for current information on CEF topics of interest from a number of firms. As a member, you will get the benefit of added exposure to your products and brands on CEFA’s consolidated industry website, and through our communication and promotional efforts.

  • Education materials
  • Research Materials
  • Product information
  • Sponsored articles and reports
  • Thought pieces (e.g. whitepapers and case studies)

The CEFA website also includes videos, which provide another opportunity for members to be featured. The brief videos are intended to provide market and industry updates, as well as highlight closed-end fund educational topics and strategies.

Reporting and Intelligence

Monthly Activist Report and Corporate Actions Report: Through a special arrangement with CEFA Associate Member AST Fund Solutions, CEFA delivers monthly reports detailing those actions taken by activist organizations, as well as those filings made by closed-end management firms. Together, these reports keep CEFA member firms in touch with the latest activities in the industry.

Fund Market Insight Report: CEFA Associate Member Lipper Inc.’s month-end analysis of the closed-end fund industry. This vital report provides observations on the performance of the overall industry, average NAV return, number and size of the month’s IPOs and premium and discount behavior, plus industry news pertaining to rights, repurchases, tender offers, mergers and reorganizations.