CEFA acknowledges there is an opportunity for the CEF industry to have a stronger voice with the media. In focusing on public relations as a part of its Marketing Program, CEFA serves as a resource, builds relationships and engages the media to generate positive awareness for the CEF industry.

Through proactive outreach to more than 40 publications, CEFA represents a collective voice for the industry and communicates with the media on a regular basis to promote storylines, data and trends, and member firms. In addition, CEFA established a PR advisory board consisting of five member firms’ PR contacts who discuss and provide feedback on CEFA-developed media strategies and tactics.

CEFA’s public relations efforts help members:
• Maintain proactive communications with media regarding CEFs
• Engage industry contacts, pitch storylines and coordinate interviews
• Provide a clear and consistent industry voice and tone

For additional information or interest in participating in CEFA’s media efforts, contact