Advisors Get Red Carpet Treatment at Advisor Summit in Miami

The Advisor Summit on Closed-End Funds was held on February 3rd at the Turnberry Isle Resort in Miami, FL. 75 industry professionals turned out to hear keynote presentations, in-depth panel discussions, and engaging conversations.  Speakers from 10 asset management firms, all CEFA members, provided valuable insight into closed-end fund investing.

The survey feedback from the advisors was very positive.

  • 100% of the advisors found the event to be beneficial or highly beneficial.
  • 100% of the advisors would likely / highly likely attend this event again.

Topics discussed included the role and benefits of CEFs for today’s investor, expanding income opportunities for clients with equity option CEFs, alternative asset allocation strategies such as MLPs and REITs, CEF strategies for international diversification, and a closer look at business development companies (BDCs).

Thank you to all our sponsors and partners for participating!

Highlights from the Advisor Summit in Miami